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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2015, 9:38 PM
OMG!!!! I can FINALLY login to my account!!!!!!!
After what? Weeks?! OtL omg all the late messages and Notes I'll have to reply I'm so sorry…. Why do all these bad things happen to me now…

So apparently my account was blocked. There was no way that I could login no matter what. Every time I tried to login, it told me that my password or username was typed up wrong. :/ but the funny thing is that I requested to do a password reset and yet it still wouldn't let me login. This began on the 25th of Feburary and continued on until now. I've sent many requests for help, urgently, and yet they either never replied back to me, or they kept on copying and pasting the same information which helped me in no way possible. How many messages I've sent, omg I lost count seriously. I mean, I had about 2-3 people replying to me that my account had problems with the cookies and proxy stuff and they were receiving invalid cookies. Which to my belief if that someone was trying to hack into my account. Even after deleting all of my cookies and resetting my iPad, I wasn't able to login….. And this took DAYS! No wait, WEEKS!!! Omg why is all the bad stuff happening to me now…. Sheesh…. But yeah, the help with DA was really disappointing… I replied back to them many times asking what I should do, how can I get my account back asap, etc. but nothing. I even went to the help chat room a few times, but no one was online once, just random guests that had their own troubles… I even went to an admin and sent them a note for help, nothing… TvT so yeah…. That's why I've been so inactive here…. I did not ignore anyone and I will be replying to all of the notes and messages that you guys sent me. I took screen shots of what happened if anyone is interested in looking at them.

Anyways, besides that I have some good life news. From the inactivity of DA, I was able to finish everything for my college that I'm applying to. I created some realistic and special art for my portfolio which was sent on the last Friday of February. Trust me, I panicked when I had to submit everything because the school’s website was super confusing. X”D but other than that, everything was sent and now I'm waiting for a letter back from them ;v; wish me luck you guys…. My future of becoming a painter is near~ 

Also other good news is that I'm now up to date with school work~ My photography class has been so demanding, I never knew they would ask for so much work from me. And funny thing is that I decided to take less classes this semester because I wanted to concentrate on my artistic skills, hence why I chose to do commissions this semester. I thought I wasn't going to have much work unlike my past semesters where I took 4-6 classes a semester. And honestly it was never so busy like my photography class, it totally took me off guard. But now that I've gotten everything done, I can finally concentrate more on my commissions that are due…. I really want to apologize to everyone for the long delay…. I want to thank my friends from Skype for helping me keep calm about my account being blocked and notifying my commissioners and some people on here that I wouldn't be able to reply for some time… Another thing that kind of made me inactive was that I was on a trip with parents. I was at NY and Boston~ 8D it was super cold lol, seriously TvT my body was in pain…. I was built for the heat lol. But I still checked my account on those days and they were still disabled, so yeah I always checked at the time… Damn DA…. Fffff…

Another good news is that I FINALLY HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE!!!! 8”””D After a long 4 years I can check my health again~ Surprisingly enough, the thing that happened to me last month about me vomiting blood and such, it happened again on the first of March. And I'll be honest, it's gotten worse… ^^; but no worries, everything is going to be settled soon and I'm going to learn why I'm like this. I had my blood checked today actually, 3 bottles full… Omg lol so much blood >>; I also told them all about my problems such as being really tired and not having the energy to do things, having to force myself to do my responsibilities (artwork doesn't have anything to do with this, so no worries my friends XD) Thank God though that I have health insurance…. I do pray that I don't have anything serious going on with me…. I still had to pay a bit for a doctor visit, but nothing too serious like the price of a tooth and leg hahaha. I won't be able to update anything with drawings and such to my commissioners today, but I will be able to do it tomorrow evening or on Monday because all of my school work is finished and up to date~ No stress XD

So now that my schedule is so much calmer, I'll be able to do everything according to plan. So no more stress, and no more delay (until the future hits me with more, but I doubt it would be for any time soon, maybe in the end of April where my finals for classes take place)…. I'm really sorry to everyone again and thank you guys for understanding my situation…. I feel really guilty about all of the things that happened… And just so everyone knows, I'm closing my commissions until I finish the commissions that needs to be finished, they are my first priority right now. If you'd like to be placed on the waiting list I won't mind~ Those on the waiting list will have first dibs on commissions, it will be three slots every time only so I'm not overwhelmed with stuff lol. Right now all three slots are taken, after those are emptied out, the next three will be accepted. For those that noted me about commission information and such, I'll reply back to you guys asap. Tomorrow definitely~ For those that requested a preview of the commission, I'll try to post them to you guys tomorrow evening.


Here’s my week schedule so you guys know what I do for a living:
Monday and Wednesday: 
8:00am – 3:15pm = Classes at school
4:00pm = I arrive home (School is far from my home)
5:00pm - 7:00pm = I shower, do some chores (If I don't do anything, Parents drag me down TvT…), and do homework that needs to be finished (sometimes I don't have HW, so then I work on some art)
The rest of the day I eat, and take a break and work on artwork until 11pm when I sleep.

Tuesday and Thursday:
10:00am – 11:00am = I wake up around that time. 
The entire day I work on leftover HW, Chores, and on my commissions. Sometimes I relax if I'm really exhausted.
5:00 pm– 10:00pm = I get ready for class and go to my painting class.
After that when I get home, I shower and go to sleep TvT sometimes skipping dinner because super sleepy lol

Friday & Saturday: 
My days off where I can do anything. Mostly on this day I work on my commissions. Sometimes these days, including Sunday, can be unpredictable because parents would schedule things with me without my consent TvT…. Such as today (Friday) when my mom booked an appointment with my doctor…. She never tells me anything lol… OTL

Morning I go to church. After that it's mostly chore day with parents if the house isn't clean TvT…. If it's clean, it's another day for me to work on my commissions X///3


Again, thank you everyone for being patient with me…. I really appreciate it ;v; :tighthug:

Oh yeah, one more good news before I go~
Guess who came over here for a visit? X///D
Yep, you guessed it~ :heart: This Norwegian guy over here came over -> :iconhaffenhoff27: :heart:
FOR A WEEK!!! XD He came over last month~ 
Omfg, one things for sure is that this guy is truly amazing!!! He was more than I expected hahaha X////D HE GAVE ME A HUGE BOUQUET OF FLOWERS FOR GOODNESS SAKE HAHAHAHA!!! And lots and lots of yummy sweets from Norway *hides and blushes *njfrjncemosxkknmk I still cry though because I miss him so much…. He's truly such a sweetheart… ;^; but hey, I'll get to see him in July~ X”””3 

So yeah, after he visited me, my depression has gone down by a TON! I am much stronger than I was before <3 He guided me to become a better person to myself… And now I'm not crying in my sleep anymore, or crying randomly for no reason. Now I can kick my depression in the ass without being dependent~ Instead of depression, it's just natural sadness. Which is normal for any human being. Anyone that has depression out there, the best thing to do is not to hold it all in like I was doing for many many years. Find someone you trust the most and talk to them. Ask them for guidance, a shoulder to cry on. I guarantee you that you won't feel that hopelessness and disappointment in yourself anymore. If anything, I'll be there for you guys because I fully know how depression feels and that feeling of no self worth… even having thoughts of suicide…. Always talk to someone about it, trust me it's better than what you would imagine….

Thank you, Hoff, for everything you have done so far…. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to be part of my life…. *cries and hugs tightly *

Sorry everyone for the wall of text TvT but this is an update so you guys know how everything's going…. Especially after that absurdly LONG inactivity of mine….. Thankfully my account didn't get hacked, that's the best part. Without a doubt someone tried to. TvT sheesh… Come on folks.... My account isn't anything special lmao!!!


Have a wonderful day everyone and see you all soon~

~Mai :heart:


Please don't thank me for Favs and Watches. I watched and faved your stuff because I really love them, so no need to thank me because I already understand~ If you still want to, feel free to comment here X"3 I'll always look at them happily~ After I look at them they will be hidden. So please don't feel offended...

Racing Girl Emoji (Pretty Please Onegai) [V3] by Jerikuto

Thank you~


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Feel free to show me your most favored arts and/or character. Whether it's something that you've made years ago or something you've just recently created feel free to link/thumb it to me! As an appreciation gift to all of my watchers, I may feature you in the upcoming weeks, draw your piece as a gift, or use your piece (with your permission of course!) in some projects that I'll have in the future such as small gifs, small animations, or small visual novels as background or foreground characters!

In addition I would love to send you this link to a new OCT/OC Training contest that I'm holding! You don't have to watch or join, but I would love it if you could see if it is something you might be interested in! If it is something you are interested in I would love to have you as a contestant and I would love to get to know you better as a person and not just have you as a number for a watcher!!! If you don't like the idea I would appreciate any advertisement you are willing to help with. Obviously it isn't necessary but I would love you so much for it Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 

> u < Sincerity Bunny~ >//< No lie though hit me up to talk! I would love to get to know you so much better!
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